New Digs

Has anyone seen the kitchenware?

Having spent the mandatory period of time being frustrated, confused and perturbed by my lack of website design skills, I have finally figured out how to make the necessary additions and changes to start turning this blog’s abode into something resembling what I want it to look like.

I’m still not happy with the overall design and colour scheme, something I will be looking to change at a future date, but wait! There are new fancy buttons for you to press! You now have the ability to follow this blog either directly (if you have a WordPress account), or by email (if you don’t), so you don’t need to worry about keeping up with my social media updates or coming back here 19 times a day to see if I’ve posted anything new like I know you’ve already been doing.

You can also share any of my posts to your own social media pages, so my unrivaled writing skills can reach the same far corners of the (round) world that I’m hoping to visit in person over the next couple of years.

All I need to do now is work out how to get this blog to do the hoovering for me and we’re in business.


It’s all downhill from here…

In 2007 I spent three months travelling round North America, doing a ‘lap’ of the United States, starting and finishing in New York, and incorporating the fringes of Canada. It was a life-changing experience that opened my immature, 20 year-old eyes up to the world that lies beyond my bedroom and left me with a thirst for more knowledge and experience of the diverse and beautiful planet we live on.

Unfortunately, through a combination of long-term relationships, insufficient funds, and other life responsibilities, I was never able to quench that thirst, until now.

Next year – with the starting date to be determined by a number of factors – I plan on expanding my travels to include as much of the world as I can afford to see. From lost cities to vast animal migrations, giant Buddhas to heart-shaped reefs – and that’s just the small fraction of destinations I’ve already researched.

You might think, therefore, that starting a blog at this stage is a tad premature, but like most things I do in life, I’m doing it a little bit differently, and for good reasons.

The first reason I’m sharing with the class so soon is because I want to blog the entire travelling experience, and that includes the planning and preparation phases. I have books to read, websites to browse, and will no doubt be given a healthy platter of suggestions and recommendations from friends and family, so if you’re reading this and you have an idea of where I should go, and why, then by all means let me know.

The other reason for starting this blog now is that, despite not officially starting my travels until some time next year, there will be odd places here and there that I visit in the mean time – the first of which could happen as soon as this weekend – and I might also include memories from past destinations (particularly those I’m not planning on revisiting) to keep my admiring audience captivated until I properly start my “oh my God I’m in my 30’s now I should probably actually do this before it’s too late” voyage.

So stay tuned for updates – I’ll put links to the bigger entries on my Facebook page – and like I said before, if you know somewhere cool, tell me. There is no such thing as too many places to go.

You never know, if this goes as well as I hope it does, I might do it again someday.