13. Lugano, Switzerland

Where there are people willing to talk to me without getting paid for it

Lugano is a slightly unusual entry in my ever expanding list of adventures. I didn’t come here to see a thing, or a sight, I came here to visit a couple of friends and chill out for a few days. Besides my day trip to Monza (see previous post), I did very little during my three nights here, which was perfect.

The highlights of this quiet period included a warm stroll along the side of the lake with Cristina (who cooked me the best meals I’ve had on my travels so far), watching utterly bonkers Italian TV gameshows, and my first ever ride on the back of a scooter, during which the terror of impending doom was blunted by the sights of the mountains and the aforementioned lake.

Lugano itself is a relatively small town that typifies my Swiss experience – stunning views, fresh air, a generous splash of character, and ridiculously expensive (although not having to pay for accommodation or most of my food certainly helped with that). A very pleasant experience that rounds off the Swiss leg nicely and leaves me with fond memories of this gorgeous country.


No, we did not climb those steps.

A big thank you to Cristina and Francesco for putting up with me for a few days, and when I eventually settle down and get a place of my own, the invitation for a reverse trip will always be there for the both of you. Eventually.

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