Day One

So far on my journey, I have:

-sat next to an Olympic medal-winning gymnast
-kissed two girls
-left all my important travel documents in WH Smith
-got lost in the streets of Brussels (twice)
-had the most expensive poo of my life
-got lost trying to find my hotel (only once)
-been told that camels aren’t an acceptable form of currency

and this is only the first day.

(Don’t worry Mum, I picked up my documents again)

3 thoughts on “Day One”

  1. When I said that you were going on a “big adventure” I thought that you’d kind of slide into it a bit more slowly! Admitting to leaving important documents somewhere already is worrying, kissing two girls and getting lost doesn’t surprise me, meeting an Olympic medalist(who was it?) is pretty cool. However, the poo is puzzling-did you do it in the wrong place?!


  2. Michael: we left a bag on our flight from Chicago to London – retrieved after much dashing around and gnashing of teeth!


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