The Pang

When a lion wants to explore a different area, all it really needs to worry about is whether or not there is enough food available, and that there isn’t a rival pack of lions already there, and off it goes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for humans.

Having used our levels of intelligence and patriotism to create a vastly complex and fragmented existence all over the planet, travelling to other parts of it becomes much more than simply picking your cubs up in your mouth and heading off on a jaunt.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had to worry about travel insurance, foreign currencies, vaccinations, visas, what I’m bringing with me, seeing the doctor, seeing the dentist, seeing the optician, talking to the bank to reassure them that someone isn’t about to nick my card and have a merry time with it in other countries, registering with the government so they give me travel alerts in case I end up stuck in the middle of a coup d’etat, making sure I can use my phone abroad, buying a webcam for my parents so they can video call me, booking train tickets, booking hotel rooms, and I’m sure I’ve missed one or two other twiddly bits out.

It’s been a lot of work, but, with just three days to go, I’ve just got “the pang”.

You know, the pang, that indescribable feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach, when you’re about to go on a first date, or on stage at a gig (yes, I have done both), or go round the world for a year or three. The pang, that consists mainly of excitement and anticipation, but with a decent smattering of “I hope this doesn’t go horribly wrong and I end up with bruises where I shouldn’t have them”, which is possible in any of the above scenarios.

All I have left to do, is pack, and make sure I have everything I need/make a last minute dash to the shops for anything I don’t have. I’ve even written a list of things I’m taking to make this an easier process, and that’s a good thing, because the pang is starting to take over, and the excitement/stress of the rapidly approaching departure date is starting to cloud rational thought and judgement.

Is it Monday yet?

3 thoughts on “The Pang”

  1. Hope the journey is the destination you have been aiming for. Have fun but safely. The trip of a lifetime -enjoy….


  2. Firstly, there are no cubs-at least none that I know of.
    Secondly, I appreciate the stress that’s going on, but, as usual you don’t show it. No packing has yet been achieved as you seem to be very busy getting in as much X-boxing as possible before you’re off on your “jaunt”! You make it sound like you’ve been really busy flying around. Really?!
    I love the fact you have “the pang”. It’s important-you’re ready (mentally if not physically!) Hopefully the twiddly bits aren’t too important. I totally admire your attitude but confess that it’s driving me crazy right now as I’m worrying for you.
    You need to go and “be” now and do what you want to do. Just remember-we are called human beings not human doings!


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