Brace yourselves…

…this quiet little corner of the internet is about to get busier.

This morning marked the first real tangible proof that this journey is just around the corner. Having scribbled something that doesn’t resemble my signature in any shape or form on a delivery man’s electronic notepad, I took delivery of my Interrail tickets.

I now have the ability to travel on just about any train I want to in Europe, most of which will be free of charge. At £613 the this luxury isn’t cheap, but when you consider that the Eurostar train I’m taking (and just booked OMG THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING) would have normally cost me £179 alone, the tickets will soon pay for themselves, and then some.


So, to recap, I set off in six days, and I have no hotels booked, no foreign currency, and nothing is packed. But hey, I have the ability to ride to the Bulgarian mountains tomorrow if I want to.

(I don’t know if Bulgaria actually has mountains)

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