I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to hear that the move went as well and as stress-free as can be expected. What’s more, I’ve managed to unpack my computer and my underpants, which as far as I can tell is all I need to keep me going until I abandon the majority of my belongings in the pursuit of grand adventures.

Speaking of which, I can now finally reveal the date that I will be starting the first, Western European leg of my travels. I still have plenty of planning to do, but I am at least ready to commit to a start date, which is…


*unnecessary pause for dramatic effect*


April 10th.

Yes, that’s almost a month away, but I have a reunion with past colleagues, a day dedicated to my mother, and an inevitably very noisy family birthday party in the Yorkshire Dales to attend to before I’m ready to leave – not to mention several relaxing baths and a healthy smattering of mum’s cooking to enjoy before my diet changes dramatically to cheap restaurants and a general sense of wonder and panic.


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