Sorry, ladies

As far as my itinerary is concerned, the first leg of my travels has now been fully planned.

Well, when I say fully planned, what I mean is I have an idea of where I want to be and when, but it will inevitably change as I discover new places, spend longer/shorter in other places, and get kidnapped by the Sicilian Mafia.

Nevertheless, here’s what I have planned.

1 London-Bruges
2 Bruges
3 Bruges-Dunkirk-Diksmuide-Zonnebeke-Bruges
4 Bruges-Ypres
5 Ypres-Amiens
6 Amiens-Nancy
7 Nancy
8 Nancy-Lucerne
9 Lucerne
10 Lucerne-Bern
11 Bern
12 Bern-Kandersteg-Bern
13 Bern-Montreux-Bern
14 Bern-Geneva
15 Geneva-Nice
16 Nice-Monte Carlo-Nice
17 Nice-Bologna
18 Bologna
19 Bologna-San Gimigano-Santa Fiora
20 Santa Fiora
21 Santa Fiora
22 Santa Fiora-Bastia
23 Bastia-Ajaccio
24 Ajaccio-Bastia
25 Bastia-Santa Fiora
26 Santa Fiora
27 Santa Fiora-Tivoli
28 Tivoli-Naples
29 Naples
30 Naples-Pompeii-Naples
31 Naples-Capri-Naples
32 Naples-Taormina
33 Taormina (Sicily)
34 Taormina (Sicily)
35 Taormina-Matera
36 Matera
37 Matera-Ancona
38 Ancona
39 Ancona-Imola-Bologna
40 Bologna-Munich
41 Munich
42 Munich-Neuschwanstein-Munich
43 Munich-Hallstatt
44 Hallstatt-Munich
45 Munich-Regensburg
46 Regensburg-Berlin
47 Berlin
48 Berlin
49 Berlin-London

I won’t have a starting date until I have a similar itinerary planned for all the legs of my adventure, but at the moment we’re looking at either early April or mid May, depending on a few factors.

Do you have suggestions for other places I should go? I probably won’t listen. Seven weeks without tasting Mum’s roast dinner is a long time.

The good news is that even when deliberately over-budgeting, I’m still under what I had originally thought would be my daily expense, and considering that this is supposed to be one of the more expensive legs of the trip, I might just be away for longer than I first thought.

Sorry, ladies.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, ladies”

  1. Who said anything about roast dinner! You’ll need more than that to keep you going
    to all those different places. However, everything will be fine providing you ask Rose to cook one of her magical lasagne in Santa Fiora


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