All change, please

It’s a weird feeling, waking up knowing you don’t have a job any more.

Society has conditioned the human race into believing that they have to spend 40 hours a week doing something they don’t really want to do in order to obtain the necessary resources for sustenance. To be outside that box, to have the knowledge that I don’t have that pressure for the time being, feels almost inhuman.

Yes, a lot has changed since my last post, I’m now officially unemployed, having made the decision to bring forward my resignation on the basis that the stresses of working in a sinking company aren’t worth the extra money I’m saving for my travels on top of what I already have.

The fact that I’m able to live with my parents rent free is a big plus, so a big thank you to them for helping me out in that regard.

That’s right, I’m a 30 year old man soon to be living with his mum and dad. Ladies, form an orderly queue.

The plan now, is to plan. More specifically, finish planning the first leg of my travels in detail, and get an idea of how long the rest of it will take so I can work out a timescale that allows me to be in the right countries at the right time of year. At the moment, I’m predicting that my big adventure will start in Western Europe in April, but I’ll have more details once I’ve completed the somewhat mammoth task of putting a timescale and order to all this organised madness.

Firstly, however, I need to try and shrug off six years of working night shifts and get my body back onto a ‘normal’ sleeping pattern.

Time to hand in my vampire card.