The four pillars of life

I live by a notion that there are four key areas in life: family, relationship(s), home, and work. I maintain that if I can be happy with those four things, I am happy with life, and anything else is just a bonus.

As things stand, two of those things are not functioning as well as I would like them to. I have a wonderful family, and I’m very happily involved with the partners that I’m currently seeing. My home is not ideal, but that was a compromise I willingly made to be able to afford this trip, and one that I know is only short-term, so I’m OK with that.

That just leaves my job. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the casino industry for over five years now, but certain aspects of the job aren’t giving me the satisfaction I need to be able to say I’m happy with this area of my life.

Notably, one of the areas of concern is the new contracts – which we are being given a choice of signing or having to resign – that are being imposed upon us. Without going into the gory details, the revised contract will result in taking home less money, a sacrifice I have to make in order for the company to be able to afford necessary minimum wage increases, apparently.

I will not be signing the new contract.

My last shift at my current job will therefore be on May 29, with the new contracts due to come into effect in June.

Doing this provides me with a unique opportunity to work an extended notice period in a fast moving, high employee turnover industry. I will be using this period to further plan and save money for my round the world trip, and find someone to take over renting my room so my housemates don’t have to pay extra rent for an empty room.

This also means that the proposed start date, and order of my trip, will be changing. I’m still unable to confirm either of these details at the moment, but with these changes going on, a June start is looking like the most likely option. Europe is still my intended focus for the first stages of the trip, with a visit to Asia and Oceania planned for the back end of the year.

This blog will probably go quiet for a few months as a result of recent events, although I will be making occasional entries about my planning process and past locations I’ve visited.

Hopefully, once everything is all said and done, I will be happy with all four pillars of life. What will I do for work when I get back? I don’t know. A change in direction is a possibility, and I’m already exploring other avenues, other careers, or staying in casinos but in a different location, maybe even a different country.

In the mean time, I have more planning to do, and more excitement to garner over the trip of a lifetime.

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