Making plans

Don’t be too alarmed, but it really is that big.

My planning has finally approached the stage where I have something that resembles an itinerary.

It’s only a first draft, it will change, but it does at least serve a purpose of obtaining a general idea of which parts of the world I want to go to in which order.

So, without further ado, here is where I might be going, in the order I probably won’t be doing it in:

Leg 1 – Getting my (chilly) teeth stuck in:

Faroe Islands – Iceland – Norway

Leg 2 – The Grand Tour:

Belgium – France – Monaco – Italy – Slovenia – Switzerland – Austria – Germany

Leg 3 – West meets East:

Greece – Bosnia – Bulgaria – Montenegro – Romania – Hungary – Poland – Ukraine – Finland – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Sweden – Russia – Trans-Siberian Express – China – North Korea – Japan

Leg 4 – Round the World ticket:

UAE – Sri Lanka – India – Pakistan – Bhutan – Nepal – Cambodia – Vietnam – Thailand – Myanmar – Laos – China (inc. Macau & Hong Kong) – Indonesia – Papua New Guinea – Australia – New Zealand – Canada – USA – Bahamas – Bermuda

Leg 5 – Warming down:

Ireland – Northern Ireland – Isle Of Man

Now, the more astute of you will have made a few observations, so allow me to answer the questions you may have:

Christ! That’s a lot of countries! 
I know, that’s because I’m being as ambitious as I think I can afford to to make the most of this round the world trip before I have thoughts of settling down and having kids *shudder*. Note that some of those countries only have one or two places on my shortlist, and will therefore be short excursions.

When will you start?
I still don’t have a set date yet, a few dominoes need to fall down first before I can answer this. Watch this space.

Why no Africa or South America?
Because no matter how ambitious I want to be, I have to be realistic with what I can afford, and therefore sacrifices have to be made. But, that doesn’t mean I’m definitely not going there, like I said this is a first draft, and I’ve already had an offer to visit a friend in Colombia, so we’ll see.

Are you doing all of this in one go?
Probably not. There will more than likely be gaps between legs (BAZINGA) to allow me to sort myself out, re-acquaint myself with my family, friends & partners, and make sure I have the next stage properly planned. I can also visit places in England, Scotland and Wales whilst on these breaks.

Why are you going to Asia twice?
Because I want to ride the Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Beijing, and I also want to take advantage of the cheap Round the World ticket I mentioned in a previous entry. Asia (heck, China alone) is a big place, so the two different approaches will give me the opportunity to visit different areas.

What’s the time frame for all of this?
At the moment, there isn’t one. I want to leave it as flexible as I can to allow for situations where I stay in a country for longer or shorter than I originally expected.

Can you afford to do all of this?
It’s very hard to accurately budget such a big, varied adventure as this, but I have a decent supply of beans stored safely away. If I start running out of money before I’m done, and I still want to see more of the world, I’ll come up with a plan to earn some more in the short-term so I can continue my trip at a later date.

Where specifically are you going in these countries?
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