A man just changed my world

So today I met a very nice man who works for a company called Trailfinders, and who explained to me that I can fly around the world, choosing whichever flights I want, on one ticket, for less than £2,000.

Game changer.

Obviously there are caveats to this, I have to keep travelling in the same direction, I have to do it all in under a year, and the airports that accept this type of ticket are limited. But in theory I can go London > South Africa > Far East (via Dubai) > Australia > New Zealand > USA > London for less money than a knackered old hatchback. What’s more, I can upgrade the ticket for a mere few hundred extra of my hard-ish-earned money and add extra stops including Fiji and Hawaii.

This does, however, raise a small conundrum. My planning process has so far revolved around building a shortlist of locations – a list that so far stands at a rather overwhelming 196 – and then designing routes, flights and itineraries around the best times to visit these places. If I take one of these tempting tickets, an element of reversal will be necessary, with my stops being done in a set order and working out the best places to go when I happen to be in a specific country.

Still, with the option of separately arranging internal flights to my heart’s content, and the saving I’ll be making on the round the world ticket, this dilemma is one I’m very happy to have.

All I need to do now is try and whittle down my shortlist to a length that I can actually handle (chortle). Unless someone’s got fifty grand they fancy lending me…

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