5. The A82 to Glencoe, Scotland

The best place to polish your armour.

I’ve spent the last few weeks being impressed by the beauty of the scenery in the video game I’ve been playing. Roads winding through snow-capped mountains, lush forests, partially frozen lakes, and big, blue skies all play their part in a visual masterpiece that has seen me spend just as much time admiring the scenery as it has playing the actual game.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, buy the Skyrim: Special Edition, or, alternatively, take a trip to the Scottish Highlands on a cold November day. Driving along the A82 towards Glencoe felt just like being in a fantastical computer game (albeit with the bonus of being in a warm, comfortable Ford Focus instead of on horseback wearing steel armour). The scenery is breath-taking, and it’s immediately obvious why this is considered one of the best driving roads in the world.


Believe it or not, there’s a road in there somewhere

The village of Glencoe itself seems out of place, and a little anti-climatic. The cars, houses and (few) roads don’t feel like they fit with the mountains and lakes that surround it, but look past those – and it is a small village after all – and you can enjoy one of the best locations for a picnic you’re ever likely to go to. My travelling companion and I braved the -5C temperatures to tuck into our lunches while gawping at Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest point – a feat that provided much entertainment for the locals and fellow tourists that drove past, and one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.


It’s worth spending a few minutes wiping the ice off the picnic benches

Despite the beauty of our chilly dining spot, Glencoe won’t be remembered as the highlight of the day. This was about the journey more than the destination, a journey so picturesque that we didn’t mind turning right around and doing the 126 mile, journey all the way back to base. This time, I turned the music onto the soundtrack to the aforementioned video game, enhancing the otherworldly feeling being given to is by the orange glow bouncing off the Snow-capped landscape from the setting sun.


If you enjoy a scenic drive, want to feel like you’re on another world in another time, or simply want to get away from the humdrum of everyday life, I urge you, book a hotel in Edinburgh, rent a car, put Glencoe in the sat nav, and drive. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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